We were privileged to be commissioned by the visionary digital production company, 3angrymen Productions, to create visual effects for a hard hitting NSPCC campaign to combat emotional abuse.

The concept was to show the results of verbal emotional abuse by revealing offensive words appearing on the skin as blemishes and bruising. The method – we used dynamic tracking to lock the effects onto the warping/stretching skin and tracked animated digital makeup effects to the actors’ skin.

Another VFX shot involved digitally augmenting an iris to show amplified dilation.

The result was a hard hitting film that seamlessly merged realistic visual effects with live action.

All images courtesy of 3angrymen Productions.



Angry Dad – Philip Keiman
Upset Mum – Doreen Blackstock
Selfish Girl – Jelissa Campbell
Big Brother – Joe Sowerbutts
Diary Girl – Susanna Jennings
Step-mum – Sharon Lawrence
Worthless Boy – Chris Wills



Director – Guy Saville
Producer – James Dunlop
1st AD – George Nelson
DoP – Tom Wright
Focus Puller – Raf Hale
Gaffer – Mark Gibbon
Sound Recordist – Ant Jeffs
Art Director – Caroline Steiner
Stylist – Alice Hebdon
Make-up Artist – Prisca Hofer
Continuity/Runner – Siena Bevan
Assistant Producer – Arianna Meschia
DIT – Thom Wood


VFX Supervisor, Artist – Jonathan Lax
VFX Artist – Ben Simonds

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