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Jake is 9, loves football and is looking forward to getting his first bike this Christmas. He lives with his Mum and Dad on Elmfield Avenue.

Jake’s Family was a collaborative project to develop and animate 3D characters to be used in TVCs for a well known financial company. The family were brought to life in 3D from original designs by the illustrator Robin Shaw. Through the direction of David Parvin of Two Rivers Partnerships, we developed the characters and created Jake’s world where his family lives.

Catch them in action in our Showreel!


Initial Character Designs by Robin Shaw (http://robinpshaw.com/)

Character Development by David Parvin, Ben Simonds
Environment Development by David Parvin, Jonathan Lax

Character Modelling, Shading, Rigging by Ben Simonds
Environment Modelling, Shading by Jonathan Lax,
Christopher Lovell, Tobin Brett

Animation by Jonathan Lax

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