Well renowned Alajmo restaurants Quadri, Quadrino and Gran Caffe Quadri are located on the Piazza San Marco in Venice.  GBH London developed a new design concept and were looking for several CGI visuals and animation to fully realise their newly restored brand identity for the restaurants.  Taking inspiration from the city of Venice itself and its history, the metallic typography looks to have been half submerged in the Venetian canals. 

Gecko worked with GBH London to visualise their concept in CGI in an incredible amount of detail.  The visuals had to hold up at print resolution as well as be built to animate.  Digitally sculpted typography was rendered with an animated shading system to dynamically reveal the golden metallic surface underneath the submerged rust and erosion.

The final film can be seen at  We’re excited to showcase a full making-of coming soon.

GBH London

Creative Director:
Mark Bonner

Nathan Smith
Jack Mercer
Brinley Clark
Mark Bonner

Project Manager:
Faye Brinkworth

Typography Digital Sculptures:
Christopher Lovell

Dynamics and Environment:
Jonathan Lax

Animation, Lighting and Composition:
Jonathan Lax

Sound Design:
Alistair Lax

Film Production:
Gecko Animation Ltd.
Different Media Productions


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