OnlyOne E-Cigarette Product Images and Animation

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Gecko is very proud to announce some recent work for GBH London on OnlyOne Paris. The world’s most premium E-cigarettes. These products are gorgeous and showcased beautifully at

Gecko produced several CG product images and the dancing laser point animation to bring to life the brand of OnlyOne. Below are some examples of the product images we created.

This project was produced under director Peter Hale and the team at GBH London. Images courtesy of GBH London and OnlyOne.





Lucien Elements iPhone Cases, Product Visualisation and Animation

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Recently we’ve been working with maker of high end smartphone cases Lucien Elements to create a suite of beautiful product images for their line of Swarovski crystal studded iPhone cases, as well as a video demonstrating their unique Gemloc stone setting mechanism, which features proudly on the front page of their site. We worked hard to show off Lucien Elements’ high level of finish and workmanship in our images.



You can find their cases at


Rabbit Character Rig Demo from Project Gooseberry

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Our little rabbit character in the Project Gooseberry Teaser Trailer should be available very soon on the new Blender Cloud service so Ben took a little time to explain how the rig was made and how to use it!

The character was designed and modelled by Jonathan Ball of Poked Studio.  The rig was built by Ben Simonds here at Gecko and animated by Chris Burton of Icebox Studios.  Chris has posted a video showing his process for animating the rabbit character using Ben’s rig.

This team is growing for the production of Project Gooseberry and we’d love to get your support!