European Roma Rights Centre Film

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We’ve been extremely lucky to work with such an exciting production house as 3angrymen.  The latest in our continuing portfolio of collaborations is this striking film for the ERRC (European Roma Rights Centre).  Directed by 3angrymen‘s Guy Saville and edited by Artur Zaremba, the film paints a picture that covers 20 years of the ERRC.

Gecko was involved heavily and responsible for effects, transitions and complex compositions for over 80% of the final shots.  The process involved turning still images into moving 3D dolly shots to allow the viewer to see deeper into the imagery.  Several shots also required full 3D elements incorporated into the composition.

Director – Guy Saville
Editor – Artur Zaremba
Producer – Arianna Meschia

Visual Effects – Jonathan Lax

A 3angrymen production for the ERRC.

Charm, Belligerence and Perversity

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For many years Gecko has been involved in projects for GBH London the award-winning Design Agency.  Charm, Belligerence and Perversity:  The Incomplete Works of GBH, a gorgeous hardback has been released showcasing the ground-breaking work of the award-winning creative agency.

Gecko is massively excited to have been involved in several projects that have found their way into this stunning showcase adorning coffee tables throughout the creative world.

Puma Performance Socks

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A lot of Gecko’s output recently has been in the realm of CG product visualisation. As one of our favourite projects in this realm we’re excited to showcase a selection of CG images created by Gecko for GBH London featuring Puma Performance Socks. Puma Performance Socks are high-performance sport focused socks made by Dobotex. The complex and high-performance fabrics required an incredible amount of detail in the CG images to visualise them accurately. Gecko developed a fabric shader system that gives us control over every single stitch in the fabric to help us create these detailed images set for print at ultra-high resolutions. Below are just a handful of the images we created on this wide range of products.

This project was produced under director Peter Hale and the team at GBH London.

Images courtesy of GBH London and Dobotex.

FULL_DRY_QUARTER_WHITE_small2 FULL_POWER_SC_BLACK_small2 Multisport_Medium1_Yellow_small